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30.09.2007 18:26 - You're in the Jungle baby! You're gonna die!
Автор: reallytrue Категория: Музика   
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Последна промяна: 30.09.2007 18:50


I wanna watch you bleed.. I wanna hear you scream.. ;-)

Turned into my worst phobia, а crazy man"s utopia..
But it sure was glad to know ya.. Bye bye

Say live and let die..

..Cause yesterday"s got nothin" for me - old pictures that I"ll always see, time just fades the pages in my book of memories...... Some things could be better if we"d all just let them be..

but you can"t put your arms around a memory.....don"t try

..since I don"t have you.. i don"t have anything

I still love you baby

.. just tryin" to kill the pain

ft. Sebastian Bach ;]

Knocking On Heavens Door !

Тагове:   baby,   Jungle,


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