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03.01.2008 17:33 - Scorpions
Автор: reallytrue Категория: Музика   
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another morning, another place.. Always somewhere..
miss you where I"ve been.. i"ll be back to loive you again

send me an angel

when the smoke is going down

I"m in a trance..
I take too much in the Saturday night

here I am, Rocked you like a Hurricane..:)

all those Lonely Nights since you"re gone..

Born to touch your feelings.. from the sound of the strings


lady starlight

when love kills love

Loving you Sunday morning, you were on my mind love everyday

Living for Tomorrow, living for today..

white dove

wind of change

yellow raven

i"ll be there, Still Loving You


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1. radalia - Толкова дълго не се бях сещала за тях...
03.01.2008 18:17
Благодаря ти! :)

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