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13.01.2009 23:16 - Iron Maiden - Strange World
Автор: reallytrue Категория: Музика   
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The only place where you can dream
Living here is not what it seems
Ship of white light in the sky
Nobody there to reason why

Here I am, I"m not really there
Smiling faces ever so rare
Let"s walk in deepest space
Living here just isn"t the place..

Stalks of light come from the ground
When I cry there isn"t a sound
All my feelings cannot be held
I"m happy in my new strange world

Shades of green grasses twine
Girls drinking plasma wine
A look at love, a dream unfolds
Living here, you"ll never grow old

Don"t you hear me call?

Тагове:   Iron,   Maiden,


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